Bad logo

Bad logo, yes,

but the font is more or less atuned with the site. Bear with us, we are still tuning and I have sent a logo making request to an ol' friend.

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Getting pictures right

We have been experimenting a bit with the Gallery function in order to review a decent image presentation.

As a consequence, you will see, for now, some test and unordered albums with more or less random images. They will be replaced shortly once we have established a good presentation.
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Web resources
I have began adding some of the sites I have stumbled over in my search for in-game tips, walk-troughs and quest explanations.

Using the Submit link function, you are free to submit your own favorite site for scrutiny and publication in our growing list.

For now, we are only holding one Category of links, this will remain until we see the need for a more advanced approach.
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Layout and Graphics W.I.P

I will be uploading insiprational images to the Photogallery Album for this: Site inspirational images. Those images are to be used when making a Theme and Layout suitable for this site. Textures, objects, colours, shadings and fonts, will all be looked in to for a really nice Theme. In this I should say that due to my current level and game activity, these are currently limited to Bree-Land, North Downs, Lone Lands, Trollshaws and Evendim. The submission is public, please consider submitting your own screenshots.

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May Vingilot travel with us!
My task is complex. My intention clear. My will, adamant.

I see Player Blogs and Kinship Sites bound to Complex interfaces with poor load times and devastating advertisements. The Web is my home, for the Web is in part my creation, my contribution and my life. The Web for the Player and Kinship of LOTRO will be free of evil, free of greed and free for all.

This is my attempt to create a Home for many fans of LOTRO. To cherish the Lore and prepare for the ruin of evil. North of Rivendel I saw Arwen. In the library of The Last Homely House I spoke to Elrond. In Bree, Aragorn honoured me with his trust. These are pieces of a story, the story of the Great War On Evil.

Lets all do our part in maintaining it, such as it is, such as we live it and in the manner we choose. By Free Will.

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