Random Quest Blog Posts
Marancil on 19 Jul 2017
going to upgrade and revamp site
Marancil on 11 Feb 2017
Going for virtue tracker from LotroInterface...
Marancil on 30 Jan 2017
Time to get Gilthiron to Gondor, but first Armour and a few deeds...
Marancil on 29 Dec 2016
Doing a new effort to enhance essences on my gear and also finalizing Great River deeds with Malancil.
Marancil on 10 Jul 2015
Hytbold is a nightmare...
Marancil on 29 Jan 2015
Loads of conflicting tasks. I should really need a second account for half of my characters to multitask a bit...
Marancil on 23 Apr 2014
Finally got Sturmdrang into Moria.
Marancil on 24 Mar 2014
First time in Moria. Pretty awesome stuff, never seen so many mobs with rings hovering above their heads ever as in the 21st Hall.
Craig on 22 Mar 2014
Me kindred spirit fae the Scottish lands.
Craig on 18 Mar 2014
Hello, My name is Craig I am from Scotland In UK. I enjoy coding for PHP-Fusion Cms. Its an awesome CMS Aye!!