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Casual Wanderers ...
On the SSG forums was posted an initiative to group up on very loose terms to do some common content and see how far we could get, gating levels and regions.

Original thread: https://www.lotro...Meeting-up

We settled for Crickhollow and my Character there is called Rumalth.

First gate was lvl 22 so when reaching like 22.999 XP we set in a Stone of the Tortoise to stop levelling and focus on max out everything else we can and do all deeds and quests in Ered Luin, Shire and Bree-Land.

That ends May 1. After that we continue to Lone-Lands and some more places, yet to be decided.

So far my feelings are mixed. Sure it has been fun doing group content I as a mostly solo player have not done before, also it is interesting in so much there is actually some new tidbits to the game I have not picked up before. Like the requirement of a Key to unlock Sambrog in the Great Barrow, or the Erebor Quest line, which I thought was only a set of instances done more or less randomly. On the other hand, it is only so much fun doing GB X number of times, I have done all three maybe a dozen times and even if we should help others through these instances to get the content and do everything... well, I wont be doing GB again for a while.

Sharing crafting resources is also an important part and I have established myself as a Weaponsmith and I do get a fair amount of ore in exchange for my weapons which is good, but what bugs me a little bit is the lack of organisation. This can be done in a more efficient way. On the other hand, the whole idea is somehow to not commit yourself or organise yourself beyond a point and I guess that is fine.

The adventure on Crickhollow continues... but my main characters on Arkenston are suffering from it. Roll Eyes
I have decided to move to Crickhollow. All my characters.

Not that I notice a huge difference between servers and the Arkenstone PvP "hype" do not bother me, but I made a few friends in a pretty short time so I think of it as moving to a bunch of people I know that I can play with, thus moving away from practically no acquaintances whatsoever.

Thats 12 Characters on 5 accounts.
Move done since a couple of weeks, but the reasons behind the move remained unfulfilled.
Moving back to Arkenstone, but slowly
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