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Plugins I use
For myself, and for others, it is useful to have a list of the plugins I use, and where on LotroInterface I got them, so here goes:

Travel Window
I find the ability to have all travel locations in its own little window excellent, and I free up space for other shortcuts in my Quickslots

Mouse Cursor Highlighter Advanced
I play at 4K resolution and I really needed this to keep track of the Mouse Cursor.

Extended and Enhanced Panels
I have disabled the Map that comes with this as default, other than that I mostly use the Dressing Room.

Virtue View
Having several characters that you want to level up and get good stats for, I am growing increasingly tired of doing "everything" and are putting more focus on finding the deeds that will give me the Virtues that is relevant for my class.

There are also a few other Plugins I have available but not active, like Combat Analysis, Notes, and Daily Tasks, but I have come to realize I do not use them as much.
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