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Essence farming in North Ithilien - Flora System
An acquaintance on Lotro Discord recently posted these hints in regards to how to efficiently gather and use the Flora without risking misguided efforts...

if you pik the rght quests you can do gathering and no killing
you can trade the phials in for an essence package, dont know the real name, and that will give you a choice when you opn it .../...
For the Noth ithilien essence box, you need ithilien essence fragments
then there is a legendary ithilien fused essence box for Wisp of the legendary ithilien essence
and they are item level 258
the essences are ilvl 258
you can also trade ithilien essences for the wisps
and then use the wissp for the ilvl 258 essences
like a converter, get something you dont like, trade it for a wisp and then trade that wisp for another one you want
the NI essences are ilvl 258
the north itilian essence box gives you an ilvl 258 essence of your choice .../...
if you complete the 4x dailies for the herbalist, you get a puch of ithilien essences
whcih gives one fragment .../...
about 20 minutes if you choose the gather ones and the same ones and then they spawn in roughly the same place
the kill ones could take longer, depending on your clss
but its a lot of riding aroubnd
I think its still faster with the broken war steed as opposed ot a noemal mount
but you have to be precise with the clicks Confusedmiley:
and they have a 14 or so hour cooldown on them
letme start them as I have left over
Life springs anew and sap tapper are in the same place
so thats handy
tending the garden is all over the place .../ i just cycle those
you done any farming there?
as there are a few breadcrumb quests before you unlock the herbalist 4x daily qeusts
so it may take a few days if you havent unlocked that .../... ok that run took me about 40 minutes, I was rusty
15 and a half hour cooldown
The text is a bit out of context, but I am sure the content will give several hints that are useful.
North Ithilien (NI) - specifically based out of Henneth Annûn

You need to do the breadcrumb quests in NI before you can gain access to the Herbalism quests. These quests are all dailies and give the Foragers Basket, which contains the essences.

When you complete the four required, you gain an additional reward, the Pouch of Ithilien fragments.

Herbalism quests.

You need to complete four Herbalism daily quests (Assisting the Herbalists: North Ithilien) to get the pouch of fragments.

The easier of the many on offer are:
Life springs anew
Sap tapper
Tending the garden
A gift from the enemy

All of this should take about 40 minutes, there is no combat involved.

The Pouches of Ithilien Fragments, gives up to three fragments. Five of them can be swapped out for North Ithilien Essence Box, which is currently the top tier essences.
Thanks for the clarification Salvo.... Grin
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