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Storage woes
I have spent a lot of TP on storage in Shared Vault and Personal Vaults on my first account, the one that includes my higher level characters (Malancil, Gilthiron, Sturmdrang, Anancite, Angredeth, Tarostel). Easily 2-3000 TP on each Character, probably more, depending a bit on space needed for materials.

So now I redo all of that and go for housing storage instead. Sigh. That is also a pretty big cost. Only using Vault for bound items. Can one sell Vault storage slots? I would like to.

As for housing I am up to almost 1000 Mithril Coins, and each 100 MC = 850TP. Which gives me 15 slots per Chest per buy. What nags me is that I am missing out on a bit of storage since my first account have 6 characters with one Premium house. ONE. The other accounts have 1 character with one house and one chest, each.

The new organisation of storage leads to one house per crafting profession. An example:
- Curutin and Anancite (Armourers) share the storage in Curutin's House. All ore, ingots, brimstones goes to that chest in that house. But since my Armsman (Tarostel, have not made a second Armsman yet) also share almost the same resources, I put them up there as well. The only real difference is the addition of Whetstones.
- Lathmaen, now a Tinker, shares his Chest with Angredeth (also Tinker) in Lathmaens house. Since they need metal, they use Curutin's Chest for that.
- Hardemir shares with Gilthiron (Explorers), but the sheer amount of different material categories is a bit of a challenge. Hides and leathers are one thing, then we have fibre, bark, mithril enhanced stuff and whatmore. Most of the odd categories seems to come from the Moria Expansion.
- Sturmdrang shares with Cuthavron in the latter's house and are Woodsmen. Also a bit of a mess with reinforced boards and what not as odd items.

Malancil gets to have his stuff alone. As the only Scholar and Kinship Leader and my first created Character he gets to have his storage, and house, in peace, but will of course have to accommodate a lot of the Scholar loot that comes in from all the others.

The Kinship house chest will have three categories of items; Trophies (which will be dumped once all my Characters are above 60), Reputation items and a weapon/equipment stash. I will have to upgrade that Chest storage, but at least it can so far be bought for ingame gold.

To be honest I am considering a second kinship house, via a crafting kinship with all the new accounts in it, but I have not yet decided on that.
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