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So I went for more accounts...
I have never done Multiboxing so this is a new experience for me.

Adding three accounts, Champion, Guardian, Hunter and levelling them up as "Crafting accounts" is kinda fun. I can see what they need and help them get it, live. A level of immersion that is both relevant and makes for some efficiency. Don't really know how others keep track of Characters and Accounts and what they need "today" to achieve an ingame goal but this is a very nice solution I wish I had implemented a long time ago.

Curutin, Guardian Armourer.
Lathmaen, Champion Tinker.
Hardemir, Hunter Explorer.

Mr Green
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Bought Quadpack for all....
Marancil attached the following file:
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Suddenly realized it would be best to have a Hunter as Explorer. Dang.
Cuthavron, Champion Woodsman
So what I did, which requires some explanation, was I dropped the crafting for Hardemir (who was Tinker) and remade him into an Explorer, I am now levelling him on that. At the same time I remade Lathmaen in to a Tinker.

This will require some additional resources and crafting to get both up to speed again, but, well. I did not think it through when creating the characters, I guess.
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