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List of Reputation Factions that Gilthiron is Kindred with, in approximate level progression order:

Thorins Hall, Ered Luin
The Mathom Society, The Shire
Men of Bree, Bree-land
The Eglain, Lone-lands
Rangers of Esteldin, North-downs
The Wardens of Annuminas, Evendim
Lossoth of Forochel, Forochel
Elves of Rivendell, Trollshaws, Eregion and Misty Mountains
The Council of the North, Angmar
Galadhrim, LothlĂłrien
Malledhrim, Mirkwood
Algraig, men of Enedwaith, Enedwaith
The Grey Company
Men of Dunland
Men of the Wold
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