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New adventures on new server
I sneaked in to Laurelin with a 130 Valar.

Always a bit confusing using a level boost, you still have to do the intro and get up to lvl 5, or perhaps even 10, before applying it safely and even then there remains a bit of confusion. To make matters worse I used my oldest account for this and already had a huge amounts of perks that "came over" being account based and cross-server for some reason.

Landed in Skarhald, which is intentional with a 130 Valar, but rode back to Rohan to make quests and deeds to level up my War Steed and get Rohan rep. My base being Cliving, as on Crickhollow.

Still have to sort out Meta Deeds for Champion, chopping away at training dummies, to get those trait points and abilities.

Where do I get better armour and weapons... been depending so much on my own crafting I am a bit lost when totally alone and with zero resources.

More to come...
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Looking for gear improvements I have to get to Skarhald and Gundabad. The pesky LI replacement stuff kinda eludes me still, haven't done it at all on many of my characters, so back to school. Sigh. No decent landscape drops either.

Do I really have to do Missions?
I attended a small event in Celondim yesterday. Filiborn played the harp and had previously invited me to join.

It may not be an absolute first, but I have always been reluctant to crowds and player cooperation since I am often limited by time constraints.

Filiborns play was awesome and after realizing I had to get closer, some Blue Mountain dwarves stepped up challenging my presence and wondering who I was and why I was there.

Oh, them dwarves, so kind and loyal yet suspicious before they get to know you.
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